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When I went, with my friend, to the Cheam Healing Rooms I did not really know what to expect, but I was completely overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord.
It so impacted my heart that I have continued to go every week and am now hoping to be a part of the team.

Heart condition

I had a heart attack nearly 15 years ago. Recently health problems arose. I became ill, weak, had body pains and had sleeping problems. The Doctor had me on beta-blockers and painkillers. I had no relief.
I came to Cheam Healing Rooms for prayer. The Lord met me in the session. I went away, felt to go on a vigorous walk with my dog. I halved my beta-blocker dosage, and reduced my pain tablets. The pains got less and less.
I can testify now I am so much better. I sleep 100% - no problems - all my body pains lessened and have now gone. I have my energy back.
I am well, many, many thanks.

Painful feet

I fell down some stairs and landed on top of my feet which were bent backwards. They were extremely painful and I had to use crutches to enable me to walk.
The team prayed for me and I felt that the Lord said as I walk it out so I will be healed. I was extremely peaceful, not worried or concerned. When I woke up the following morning I was completely healed - no pain, no bruising nothing!
What a faithful God we have.

Breast cancer

I was taken to the healing rooms by a friend after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I was very nervous and unsure as to what would take place, not then being a committed Christian.
I was introduced to three people who were going to pray for me. They were extremely loving and compassionate. They talked with me and explained how we could ask Jesus to help.
The feeling in the room was one of peace, calm and very pervasive. I was released from my worry and fears when they laid hands on me and prayed. Tears were shed and friends were made.


Eyesight restored 

The Doctors told me I was going to go blind and require a corneal transplant due to rapid macular degeneration of the eye.
Prayer and the healing power of God have prevailed and now my eyes are completely healed and there is no sign of the disease.

Irregular heartbeat

This was my second visit to Cheam Healing Rooms as I had previously experienced healing for headaches. This time I had permanent irregular heartbeats which was distressing and worrying.
Again I was talked to and prayed over by 3 people and I accepted God's healing. Gradually day by day my heart became more regular until now I am completely normal. I am thinking of cancelling my appointment with a heart specialist.
One other thing - due to the headaches and all the medication I had taken over the years I had done damage to the lining of my stomach which caused me quite a lot of pain. I was taking medication twice a day to soothe that and couldn't do with out it. The Healing Team prayed for a new stomach lining for me.
Gradually a few weeks on I no longer need to take any medication at all and can eat almost anything without discomfort.
I am so thankful to God for His healing hand, and for the team for their time and the love that radiates from them.

Childhood abuse

I was tortured by the physical, mental and emotional abuse that I was subjected to as a child.
Through Cheam Healing Rooms I was able to forgive my abusers and our Lord Jesus delivered me in a fantastic manifestation of His love. I saw the glory in heaven and was touched by Him in a vision.
This black bleakness of my past was blown away leaving me with a deep sense of serenity, peace and of Jesus' love.
Thank you - I now feel that I can live my life to the full and experience love that is unique for me. Love and blessings in Jesus Name.

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